New Spanish Mortgage Rules & Regulations

The financial sector in Spain is in throes of a shake up.

Understanding that we are experts in property, not finance, we are really happy to be working with the professional team at Fluent Finance Abroad. It is really important for us at Castles to be able to advise our clients from the beginning to the end of your buying process.  The team at Fluent Finance Abroad have added the final string to our bow in terms of clear, concise information and advice that we can offer to you.

Mortgage & Finance

It may seem daunting trying to organise your finances for such a large and significant purchase, but Marc and his team are ready to help you, with decades of experience under their belts both in the UK financial market and here in Spain. They will guide and advise you; whether to raise your finance in the UK or Spain,  how much you can realistically borrow in Spain, the costs of your mortgage, and pre-qualify you before you even travel to Spain on your quest for a home. So at the beginning of your journey, you have all of the information and can make great decisions for yourself and your family.

By clicking HERE you can read their latest news in terms of the changes to the financial sector.

If you would like us to introduce you to Mark and the team, please drop us a line, and we will ensure that you are contacted as quickly as possible. Alternatively, please contact the team at Fluent Finance Abroad directly and mention the Castles Team.

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