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My name is Natasha Pedro, I have been working in Castles Estate Agency for just about 6 years and have lived in Spain for 17 years. The reason for my ´blog´ is due to a learning curve I have gone through recently and if I am able to help anyone in future by writing this then it has served it´s purpose.

At the beginning of July I was involved in a single vehicle accident, my car hit a broken grid across a road. It was my first official accident and because of that unaware of the steps that needed to be taken (for insurance purposes and compensation if due). My car was damaged badly, my mother had hurt her back and I had whiplash. My insurance agent was an angel and the insurance company brilliant. No amount of emails/questions (and there were many) were too much and she talked me through each step assuring me I was doing everything correctly. There was a lot of paperwork needed but I´m used to that now especially having 2 children (thank goodness they were not in the car). Unfortunately, the one thing I did not know, and definitely needed to be done at the time of accident was to call the police. I had done all the right steps needed…. or so I thought.

I had taken photos immediately, put in a complaint at the Ayuntamiento and to the administration of the urbanisation.

I had called for an ambulance as my mum was in pain but in that situation, they tell you to take the injured party to emergency. At no time was I asked or told that I had to call the police.

Three months later I was told I would not receive compensation for personal injury/damages to my vehicle from the Ayuntamiento, regardless of how many photos I´d taken and that I had done everything else correctly.  Because I didn´t have that golden police report.


This is not to be taken as a complaint about the system here but a friendly and important heads up. Please call the police even if another there is no other vehicle or person involved.

I have found that most of the things I have learnt in Spain have come from personal experience and feel this is an important piece of information to share, especially if you are new to the area.

I hope you will never need it but better to be armed with the knowledge than to be left disappointed and angry.

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