Lock Down Thoughts from Duquesa

Natasha our lovely Sales Administrator has given us her thoughts about the past 2 weeks of lock down here in the Duquesa area.

As we are all aware by now Covid 19 virus is on our shores. Numbers continue to rise, stocks are low, business has slowed for many and families confined to their homes for their safety but it is not all doom and gloom.

I live in a quiet part of the Costa del Sol, not in a village or a heavy residential area. I have read and seen on Facebook (although trying to keep my social media time to a minimum) our community come together in these unprecedented times. Videos of the community out on their terraces showing positivity through singing and comradary, clapping together to show our appreciation for our medical and emergency services. Even though we live in a quieter area we and others are showing ours too.

Our local government of Manilva protection civil are working tirelessly organising schemes to take care of those most vulnerable in our community and implementing schemes to try and help local businesses and families financially for when the lock down is lifted as it will be. I applaud and am grateful to all in our community for coming together when it is needed the most. Times will be difficult as we all get back on our feet but we will, together.

Covid 19


As we enter week 2 of lock down here in Duquesa, I find myself often reflecting to when it all began here. One minute we’re looking at China and Italy hoping and praying it doesn’t spread further and not taking it seriously. The next minute, we’re in a similar position and the shelves at the supermarket were empty However people have taken a deep breath and there is calm and order as the days progress.

Children across Spain being home schooled.. Yikes… And adults that can work from home will do.

Our first week as a family was an adjustment! Nerves on full alert, kids asking to go the park thinking life remains as normal just not going to school. We set out on the first Monday as we meant to carry on for the next 2 weeks. A routine of getting ready for the day and our schoolwork done. Oh the inundation of the class whatsapp groups!! Our afternoons filled with doing the jobs at home we never seem to find the time to do, TV, a bit of exercise and eating, oh my lord the food my 2 boys can eat!! Not to mention trying to keep our sanity.

Everyone’s beginning week 2 with the news we would remain in lock down for a further 2 weeks as cases continue to rise. We have accepted the situation we’re all in and trying to make the best of it.  So far so good with schoolwork, but find we are morphing more into the sofa as the days progress and the weather is not helping. A silver lining I’ve found through all this is the time to catch up with family and friends we haven’t connected with in ages. Sharing the multitude of memes such as ‘ I miss Brext?!’ who would’ve anyone would say that?! Stay tuned and stay  safe.

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