The Diary of Lock Down Director Week 2

Hello Everyone,

Well we’ve have started our 3rd week here.  I hope you are all well and getting through these trying times.

WEEK 2 completed.


First and foremost, my folks are well.  Having just returned from Poland and me having been viewing with many clients, we were concerned one of us may have picked the virus up at some point.  My parents are healthy but have the dreaded “underlying health issues” so we were particularly careful and “distanced” from each other for almost 2 weeks.  A bit difficult (3 people in one house), but not impossible.  At any case, none of us have picked it up and are all well.  We now move about the house and garden together quite freely.

Our routine still seems to be working and Mum seems to enjoy the fact that there are always two other people in the house.  She remembers the virus once in a while but despairs when we tell her we can’t go out.  She decided she wants to cook tonight.  Spag. Bol.  Should be interesting.  We found the carrots last week by the way.  Neatly chopped in a pan and put back in the cupboard.  No harm done.


It’s my job to go out and do the shopping.  I’m the low risk one so it makes sense.  It does also provide me with a legitimate reason to go out.  Obviously I have to be particularly vigilant for all concerned.

Mercadona again.  Same girl at the entrance and the familiar wash hands, put on gloves and given pre-cleaned trolley procedure as last week.  Her eyes smiled at me above her face mask.  Definitely more relaxed than last week.  Are we getting used to this now?  Maybe.

I wander around a quiet supermarket.  Quiet in noise but still plenty of people, still mainly men.  Maybe not so relaxed after all.  Everyone is politely observing the social distancing rule.

The store is not only well stocked but there is the usual choice again.  In all honesty, I couldn’t see any difference from pre-virus shopping.

Opening plastic bags to put my fruit and veg in whilst wearing plastic gloves was easier too.  It took me ages last week.

I’m still looking with my eyes more.  I don’t like to pick items up and replace them again.  I’ve washed my hands and I’m wearing gloves but I am still careful, for others as much as myself.

My trolley is full of items from my list.  Mum will be pleased I got the white wine she likes.  I don’t feel the need to pick up any extra Weetabix this time.


I’m still keeping to a daily routine in the week.  I want to keep to good work habits.

There are fewer emails now but there are still clients who want updating.

There is still plenty of catch up work and we are getting through it as a team.  We can’t wait for some kind of normality to return so we can start viewings again.  It’s being out and about with clients that we miss.  There is something very special when clients walk into a property for the first time and become aware “this is the one”.  Sometimes they go very quiet.  An odd glance to each other.  A check to confirm the price.  Sometimes there is no containing the excitement and there is a rush of questions and words come tumbling out in seemingly random order.  Sometimes people are literally jumping up and down with joy.  I’ve never tired of the different reactions and I miss it.

The jobs around the house are being completed.  The bathroom has been painted and I have jet washed about ¾ of the terrace surrounding the house.  It’s come up a treat.

I’ll finish it at the weekend and then I’ll have to start to look for other jobs.  There’s always something.

Pet Watch.

 Charlie is still at my sisters (thanks again sis).  It will be strange to have him back.  Mum still remembers him which is a good sign.  She will love it when he comes home.

Pippin the cat seems to have got used to sharing his house with us.  He watches me when I have a workout in the garden.  It was a bit weird at first.

Weight Watch. 

 So I came up with a few things to do to maintain some level of fitness.  I now do weights 3 times a week followed by a short cardio session. The days in between I do circuit training.  It only takes about an hour a day.

I have no weights or equipment so it’s an improvised workout.  Now for example, for bench presses I lie down and push a gas bottle up and down – that kind of thing.  I find it really hard to get motivated.  It’s much easier in a gym environment.  I have texted my gym partner Diego a couple of time.  Poor lad is stuck in an apartment so he finds it even harder to do anything.  He also complains that he’s always tired.  Perhaps he’s even less motivated than me.  Perhaps I should be more grateful for where I live!

At least I’m doing something I suppose but I think I’ll be playing catch up when I get back to the gym.

Beard Watch.

Well, I’m still giving it a go.

I think I look stupid (maybe that’s why the girl smiled at me when I walked into Mercadona?).

I’m going to continue anyway. The girl who cuts my hair is in for a shock though!

Good luck folks.  Stay well.


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