A Diary of a Lock Down Director Week 3

Here is Chris with week 3 of his Diary of a Lock Down Director

Hello Everyone,

Well we’ve have started our 4th week here.  Oh joy.

I hope you are all well and getting through these unusual times.

WEEK 3 completed.


Again, first and most importantly my folks are well.  Having got through the initial stages we are adhering strictly to the lockdown.  I’m a little paranoid about passing it on to my folks.  As I’m the only one to go out I’m the only one who can bring it in.  I have no idea how it works when the lockdown is lifted.  I think they will be more vulnerable than ever.  Anyway, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The house routine is just that.  Routine.  Bish is getting more adventurous in the kitchen though.  He made a splendid Chicken a la Crème last night.  It went down a treat.  I almost forgave him the billion pots and pans I had to wash up after his cooking exploits.  I can tease him but I can’t really complain.

Mum is in a good place.  She occasionally remembers about the virus but doesn’t always remember that she can’t go out.  She is happy that she always has company.  She has definitely gone a little security obsessive.  We keep opening all the doors and windows on a fine day but she goes around closing and locking them.  No big deal, I can unlock a door but the poor old cat is confused by it all.  She still make a mean Spag. Bolognaise though.

spag bol


I’m still doing the shopping.  It’s become routine now.  Bish writes the list, Mum adds wine to it and I go out and collect it.  Bish suggested he went out, through boredom I suspect.  But I can’t let him.  I understand his point but it’s just not worth the risk.  It’s my responsibility until further notice.

The car park is busy but there are still spaces and I walk right in.  Different girl but the same procedure.  Shelves are as full as they can be.

There is still a strange quietness about the store but I think the volume is up a notch or 2.  I’m not sure if I’m getting used to the quietness or if people are a little more relaxed and making a bit more noise.  I suspect the later and hope that this is a good sign.  Spain has been battered by the virus and we could do with some good news.  The recent figures suggest an improvement, possible the end is in sight.  There’s no mass popping of cava just yet.  Except in our house.  Obviously.

There are possibly more ladies in the store now but still no children.  I’ve heard the kid in the villa a couple of doors down kicking a ball against the wall, but that’s it.  There is normally a stream of nieces and nephew visiting us.  I realise I miss them but I’m grateful they are safe.

The shopping is completed without a hitch.  I notice that brandy and pacharan (a Spanish liqueur) as well as the usual wine/cava are on the list.  The lady at the checkout might think I’m panic buying but I suspect she knows who I am shopping for.  The trolley makes a tell tail rattle as I carefully make my way across the car park.  It’s a bit like when I used to run a pub in my younger days.

My new conundrum is what to do with the plastic gloves?  Do I take them off when I get to the car or do I drive the car with them on?  The one time I was stopped by the Guardia Civil, the head honcho shouted at me for not wearing gloves.  I could have pointed out that if doctors can’t get them how is an estate agent supposed to?  However, I took the more diplomatic root and apologised.  Anyway, I don’t want to bring the gloves into the house to dispose of and I can’t leave them outside.  At the moment I leave them in the car.  I dump them in the bin on my next journey to Mercadona and immediately wash my hands in the store.  I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient procedure but it’s worked so far.


I’m still trying to keep to a daily routine in the week.

There are still emails to answer and website updates to be completed.  My Boss says I have to (you know who I mean).

To be fair, there are clients who are chomping at the bit for more information about properties.  I am more than happy to answer them.  The Team are working hard behind the scenes and we have a list of people who are waiting to come back over here.  We are very aware that many will have lost family and friends.  There is no one way of dealing with this.  But still people are contacting us about their existing property, regarding the property they are about to buy or indeed about a potential purchase in the future.  Whatever the circumstances, we are only too happy to help in any way we can.  It’s what we do.

Brownie points for me.  Bathroom done, terrace done.   Next?  A couple of little jobs.  The pool surround needs cleaning as does the balustrade at the end of the garden.  After that, I’m struggling.

It’s a bit naughty but I’m tempted by the 14th green in front of our house.  It’s about a 9 iron away.  I have hundreds of old golf balls that I could use.

Back in the day there were only vacant building plots and I could ping a few balls in the general direction of the green.

Unfortunately, and without consideration for others, 2 of the 3 plots now have beautiful villas on them.  There is still a teasing gap between them and I can see about ¾ of the green.  Sooooo tempting.

Pet Watch.

Charlie (Dobbie) is still at my sisters.  Apparently he’s losing weight.  That’s a good thing.  He was waaay to fat.  When he’s with us we fill a container each morning and he gets 2 meals and a snack from that.  When it’s empty, that’s his food for the day. Simple.  Except Mum goes to refill it, so often she doubles his feed.  She just forgets that she’s fed him and being a dog, Dobbie doesn’t let on.  He just eats it.  I think Mum has the same policy with wine.

 Weight Watch.

I had a good week in my rustico gym.  Did something everyday which I was pleased with.  Probably not pushing myself as mush as normal without the motivation of others around me.  Not that I’m competitive or anything.

I do occasionally have an audience of sorts.  Pippin watches me with amusement.  It’s a little unnerving to be honest.  He just sits there and glares at me.  Like I’m in his spot.  I think the whole house is his spot.  On Friday I set off on some shuttle sprints and he followed me along the top of the wall.  He stopped after 3 or 4.  He must have thought it was a waste of time.  I know the feeling.

P.S This is n´t Chris!

I was also joined by a plague of mosquitoes.  I was bitten to shreds again last night.  Damn things.

Beard Watch.

Still going…….

I know I look stupid.

 That’s me done for this week.

Good luck folks.  Stay safe and well.

You know where I am if there is anything I can do.


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