A Day in the Life of an Estate Agent.

There is no average day in the life of an estate agent, every day is different and that is why we love our jobs.

We can do all the typical marketing and advertising, but sometimes things just happen…..

Castles Estate Agency pride ourselves on having the best properties to sell so making sure we have those properties is always a challenge.  We have a variety of traditional and modern techniques and our reputation and they are very successful.  However, for all the work we do, one listing literally fell from the sky…..

I was walking through Sabinillas minding my own business when I heard a loud cry from close above.  There rapidly followed a loud clatter as an aluminium ladder almost fell on my head.  More disconcertingly, this was immediately followed (it seemed like slow motion at the time) by an elderly gentleman who fell onto the pavement next to me with a horrible thud, still clutching a paint brush.  There was about 2 seconds of silence and I feared the worst.  There then followed about 10 seconds of impressively colourful language whilst the gent, still lying prone, cursed his own stupidity.  Now, I’m not a doctor but it was relatively safe from his reaction to assume 1. he was still alive and 2. the chap was English.

His first thought was to get up.   “Slow down, no rush, ” I insisted.  “Take your time.”   By now he was sitting up but he was clearly in shock.  From nowhere a lady appeared and I have to say I was impressed with her reaction time, but better still she had brought a large brandy with her.

It seems that she was in the café across the road and had witnessed the whole event.

I established that the gent was called Peter and the 3 of us sat together on the floor whilst he sipped his brandy.  He talked through what had happened and where he was hurting as he had fallen on his hands and knees.  There was bruising and bleeding to both but that was all.  Luckily.  After about 10 minutes, I helped him into his kitchen and waited for his wife to return home.  She was a combination of shocked, angry and upset, whilst he was now just embarrassed.  I offered to take them both to the medical centre but he said he was fine.  I gave them my business card and asked them to contact me if they needed anything.

The next day I received a call confirming Peter was fine but could I call round to speak with them.  It seems they had decided overnight and after a chat with their family that the property was becoming too much for them.  They still loved Sabinillas and did not want to move away but an apartment, all on one level and with no maintenance was far more suitable.  So as a result of this little incident I listed a beautiful 2 bedroom converted fisherman’s townhouse, ¾ painted!

I am pleased to say that within a couple of weeks we had found them a client for their property and they are now living happily in a lovely seaside apartment.  Peter is banned from DIY and we have no clue who the lovely lady was who brought the brandy so quickly……..for me it was just another day in the Life of an Estate Agent.

We would prefer that our property portfolio isn´t filled by accidental situations.  Therefore if you have a property that you are considering marketing for sale, please do contact us rather than fall on our heads! You can contact us through the website by clicking HERE

Stay safe, well and kind during these unusual times.

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