A Diary of a Lock Down Director Week 4

Diary of a Lockdown Director Week 4

Hello Everyone,

A month.  Wow.  It seems like 6.

WEEK 4 completed and into week 5.


Again, first and most importantly my folks are well.  When I say that I mean physically speaking.  They are both going stir crazy, much like everyone else I suspect.  It’s harder for them than I realised.  They are both still so active.  I should have known.  That said, we are so very fortunate not to be stuck in an apartment like so many here in Spain.  Well done to everyone for sticking it out.

We are still sticking rigidly to the lockdown.  Crazy not to.  Mum and Bish took the house rubbish to the end of the road the other day.  They felt as though they’d been on an adventure.  It was their treat for being good!

I’m still not sure how the govt will unlockdown us.  (is that a word?) They are suggesting industry by industry, trade by trade or maybe age group by age group.  I have a horrible feeling there will be a second wave of new cases.  I hope I’m wrong.  I’m sure that you’ve heard, Spain have lifted some of the lockdown restrictions.  It means that workers in some areas of industry and commerce can start back to work.  I’m pleased that some people are starting back.  I hope they are safe and it works.  It seems the eyes of the rest of Europe are watching to see how it goes.  I think the Spanish govt is brave taking such a decision.  Other countries are being more cautious.  I guess we will see in the coming weeks….


I had a bit of a shock on Saturday at Mercadona.

Armed with my usual list I parked up as normal only to see I had to join the back of a queue.  That was a first for me under the lockdown rules.

Now, usually the Spanish don’t do queueing.  At least not in a quiet, orderly fashion.  I have heard angry words exchanged in the quiet, organised confines of a bank before now.  Many times.  But people seemed fine with going straight to the back of the line and waiting their turn.  The security guard overseeing it all was well organised and there was no fuss.  It was quiet though.  Again not something I associate with the Spanish.  But these are unusual times.

So why was their a queue in the first place?  I’ll be honest, initially I was annoyed.  Not that I dislike waiting in line so much (let’s face it, there was no rush and the sun was out) but because of the volume of people.  There had been reports that 1000’s of people were heading to the coast from the cities for their traditional Easter break.  Apparently the Mayor of San Roque was issuing all manner of warnings about getting the police/army involved and sending people back to their primary residence.  I even heard that, in some places, strangers had been attacked by locals for not adhering to the strict travel bans.

So, I initially thought this was the reason for the queue.  People coming from the cities and bringing the virus to our area.  I set about looking for parked cars with Madrid registered number plates.  They would receive the benefit of my death stare when they returned with their shopping bags.  That will scare them all the way back to Madrid.  It was only after looking at about 3 number plates that I remembered that they had fazed out the local registration system, only about a decade ago.  There is no way I could tell where anyone was from.  No death stares today.  Told you I’m an idiot.

A little further down the queue I remembered that I was there on Saturday.  Not my usual Thursday, it was a fiesta on that day.  And Friday.  Mmmm, it was a Saturday, the day after the store had been closed for 2 successive days.  Maybe that was the reason for the queue?  More evidence of my idiocy?  I’ll find out when I go back tomorrow.

Inside the store, normal service.  Shelves full, people quietly going about their shopping, sticking to the distancing rules, no queue at the checkout.  I think I may have been quicker than usual, aware that there were people waiting outside.

A tick against everything on the list, including wine.  Still don’t know what to do with my used plastic gloves.


Sticking to the daily routine.  I think it helps to keep me sane, although the jury is out on that one.

The number of enquiries seem to have increased this week.  Obviously people have a lot on their minds and their own priorities.  I am pleased that for some, a property in Andalusia remains one of them.  We have had the uncertainties created by the Brexit Referendum, a couple of elections (including a hung Parliament), political and economic difficulties, more Brexit complications and now this terrible virus.  But I think the “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude helps.  People just want to keep coming here.  I guess our beautiful year round climate, the miles and miles of unspoilt beaches, golf courses, relaxed way of life trumps all.  So, keep the emails coming, no question to small.

Jobs done around the house.  It’s looking great if I say so myself.

Power washing the pool surround and balustrade was a job and a half.  Took about 4 hours.  I was admiring my handy work when Mum asked if I’d finished?  “Thank God for that” she said, “the noise was killing me.”   Thanks Mum.

I think I will have to go to the paint shop if it’s open.  I need to paint the retaining wall onto the road now.  It looks poor compared to everything else.  That’s the next job.

Last time, I mentioned the 14th green of Valle Romano between 2 villas at the end of our garden.  Still tempted.  I’m thinking a firm 9 iron.

Pet Watch.

Charlie (Dobbie) is still at Weightwatchers at my sisters.  He will have to be there for the duration.  Mum misses him.  That she remembers him is a good sign though.

Just for Chris

Pippin is just a grumpy cat.  He’s only taken to indoor living as he’s got older and feels the cold more.  More recently, he goes and sits on Mum’s knee in the evening.  All very nice unless she tries to stroke him.  Then he scratches her.  I know there are loads of cat lovers out there.  Me? I don’t get it.  Sorry. (Claire disagrees)

Weight Watch.

Another good week in my rustico gym.  Definitely not pushing myself as much as normal but I’m doing something every day.  I don’t ache like I normally do, so that’s not a good sign.  And I’m definitely eating more.  I guess this is one of many reasons I’d like this to be over. Physically and mentally this is a challenge to us all.

Beard Watch.


My Mum had a bad spell at the weekend and she didn’t recognise me for a while.  At one point she thought there were 4 people living in the house.  Unfortunately, I was 2 of them.  Then she did recognise me, and it upset her that she hadn’t for a while.  We hugged it out and we were fine.  She was definitely rattled though.  Unfortunately, her default setting is to shout at poor Bish.  She can get very personal and Bish was understandably upset too.

Anyway, to save further confusion I shaved it off.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think she’s noticed and I looked stupid anyway.  It seems my son was correct after all.  How annoying.

That’s me done for this week.  Sorry about my ranting.

Good luck folks.  Stay safe and well.

It’s great to hear from you guys so keep in touch.

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